Time to Prepare the Lye Solution

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lye solution for herbal soap

In my previous post I've often talked about lye solution, but how can we properly prepare a lye solution? Allow me to share with you the step by step procedure which I was able to acquire based from my research.

Raw Materials:
  • 2kg. caustic soda
  • 5kg. water
  • pail or conatainer
  • basin with cold water
  • hydrometer
  • wooden stick, stainless steel paddle or plastic pipe 
  • Add the pre-weighed 2.0kg. caustic soda in a pail containing 5.0kg. water. Stir with the use of a wooden stick, stainless steel paddle or plastic pipe. Be sure to avoid using aluminum rod and containers because these react to the caustic soda. After mixing the caustic soda and water, you will notice that the container will become warm.
  • Place the pail in a basin with cold water (but not necessarily with ice) and allow the solution to cool. This is referred to as the "cold water bath". Continue stirring until the caustic soda is fully dissolved and the solution reaches room temperature.
  • Use the hydrometer to check the density of the lye solution in the container. The reading should be approximately 36°Baume.
The finished product will be the lye solution that will be used in making herbal bath soaps which will be discussed in detail in my next post.


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