April 12-18: Herbal Soaps

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Since this blog is my newest "baby" and it was only now that I was able to somehow find time to maintain my 3 blogs, I have decided to feature one topic per week so as to make my topics more organized and not confuse my readers.

For this week, I have decided to share with you articles on soap making, preparation of stock lye solution, herbal bath soap, choosing the ideal herbal extract for your soap, and starting a business in herbal bath soap. You may be asking what made me decide to choose soap making as my first featured topic for the week? Well, the summer heat has become so unbearable and I know that everyone enjoys a refreshing bath, and I cannot imagine bathing or washing without a soap. Why use soap? Simple because it aids in the cleansing process, making all the dirt and grime slide off the surface being scrubbed clean. However, over the years, soap has acquired a variety of other functions other than as a cleansing agent; hence, soap has acquired a variety of other functions and has since been formulated to conform to consumers' needs and preferences.

herbal bath soaps

Herbal soaps which are essentially toilet or bath soaps, derive their characteristics from the plant extracts which make the soaps germicidal, moisturizing, rejuvenating, or whitening. As such, herbal soaps comprise an assortment of "flavors" named after their specific sources of extracts, such as papaya, avocado, banana, calamansi, tomato, cucumber, and even oatmeal. With regard to squalene soap, this is ranked alongside the herbals in terms of the claimed beneficial effects on the skin despite the shark's oil in it.

On the business side, it was in the late 80's when the herbal soap has captured and maintained a 20% share in the market. Despite the very attractive packaging and the compactness of  the bath soaps being manufactured by multi-national companies, the demand for herbal soaps remains high and consumers continues to get hooked with herbal soaps due to the assurance of a clearer, smoother, fairer and young-looking skin.

As a matter of fact, some locally manufactured herbal soaps have already found their way in the international market. A shift in consumer preference toward natural ingredients has become a contributing factor to the growing popularity of herbal soaps, which in turn makes the herbal soap making a more profitable undertaking.


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