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herbal soap

I have also decided to include some tips and a few reminders to further guide you in the process of herbal soap making. Read along and you may find the following tips on herbal soap making helpful:

  • Since most colorants come in powder form, it is best to prepare 1% solution by dissolving 10g of colorant in 1 liter of refined coconut oil (or any preferred herbal oil) to make a standard colorant. It is also ideal to filter the colorant to remove any solid particles.
  • The ideal amount of oil is 55%-65% of the finished product. The oil could be pure refined oil or a combination of two or more plant oils such as palm oil, olive oil, and castor oil. The combination of various plant oils in desired quantities also determines the price of the soap since other plant oils are more expensive than coconut oil.
  • Ensure that the raw materials are properly weighed and ready before starting with each procedure.
  • It is advisable to pre-mix the preservatives (sodium benzoate) with the extract before mixing it with other ingredients. 
  • Depending on the type of herbal, the recommended combination of extract, fragrance and colorant is shown in the table below:
herbal soap making guide

Herbal soap making, as you may have noticed, is quite easy and the raw materials are inexpensive; thus, anyone can venture in herbal soap making business.


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